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Vending Machines In
Your Business

FREE Installation and Refills 

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Healthyvending4u was establishedin 2011 and have quickly been recognised by our customers for our high quality vending machine solutions for your business and our professional and prompt service and technical support.

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Our snack machines are moderneasy to use machines which can be customised to suit the requirementsof your business. All of our snack machines come fitted with note readers which accept $5, $10 and$20 notes.

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Natural Healthy Food and Drinks Vitamin Waters, Electrolytes, Energy Drinks, Power Boosters, Recovery Drinks, Protein RTG, Green Tea and Coffee Drinks, Protein Chips, Nutritional Bars, Paleo Snacks and Vegan Snacks..

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Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your requirments. email: sales@healthyvending4u.com.au

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Snack machines are stocked with healthy options protein chips, bars, also able to stock with the best option for our clients and their staff.


Drink machines only dispense drinks.(cans)


Combination machine dispense both healthy snacks as well as drinks, ranging from protein bars to pre workout sublimates. And that we can add a range to best suit our clients needs.


Healthyvending4u Specialty Machines  are modern easy to use machines which can be customised to suit the requirements of your business. All of Healthyvending4u Specialty Machines come fitted with note readers which accept $5, $10 and $20 notes. All servicing and repairs are completed on a regular basis providing your business with a high quality machine.


Are you interested in making money without having done a thing!

Healthyvending4u offers Healthy Nutritional Snacks and Consumable Food and Cold Drinks.

Healthyvending4u can supply you free of charge Vending Machines Stocked, Serviced and Maintained at No Cost to you with Nutritional Protein Bars, Nut Bars, Protein Chips, Protein Drinks and Waters etc;

Benefits To You:

  • No Initial Cost For The Vending Machine Saves Up To $10,000.
  • No Staffing Costs Saves $$$
  • No Costs To You For Stock Saves Thousands $$$
  • Receive A Healthy Commission At The End Of The Week By Doing Nothing.
  • Increase Public Awareness For Living A Healthier Lifestyle And Decreasing Chances Of Obesity.

Healthyvending4u will stock machines and if any items don’t sell we wear the costs so you are not stuck with anything.

If you would like more info take a look at our website www.healthyvending4u.com.au with current machines in place and how Healthyvending4u can benefit your business.

If you struggle with room don’t worry we have many machines and sizes that can assist and we can also supply you Food and Drinks without the Vending Machines at a discounted rate where you do not have to make a large order direct with the suppliers.

FREE Installation and Refills

We will supply your business with a vending machine free of charge including free installation and free refills on a weekly basis. All servicing and maintenance of the vending machine will be at no cost to your business.


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